Snapchat Spectacles Review and How to Buy one

Snapchat Spectacles look like normal sunglasses and are cool. Snap recently positioned itself to become a camera company instead of an app. Snap Spectacles offer a new way to capture video ‘memories’ and never miss a moment, unless of course, it’s been 24 hours and they self-delete from your Snapchat Story.

Spectacles video is best viewed through Snapchat, so you can see how it works as we test out the sunglasses in real-time. They cost $129.99 (£129.99, about AU$169) and ship in five to ten days time.

Design and Colors

These Spectacles come in three colors: black, coral and teal UV protection, durable and comfortable to wear. The circular-shaped lenses offer UV protection, to block harmful sun rays as well as impact protection to minimize damage from shallow drops.

Snapchat doesn’t offer prescription Spectacles, but it made it so that you can swap out the lenses with the help of a professional ABO-certified optician.

Features and functionality

10-second videos on your day – captured hands-free. Beams the video to your iPhone or Android for editing. Initiating Wi-Fi transfers has a Snapchat-level learning curve. Spectacles are the hands-free way of better telling that story. It works by pressing in the record button to capture a 10-second memory.

You can press it twice more for thirty seconds total, but it’s always broken up into 10-second segments. The video is transferred to your smartphone via the Snapchat app, where you can mark up the clips with text, stickers or whatever.

Spectacles save about 200 Snaps before they run out of space, twice what the battery allows. But importing videos is challenging at times if you’re trying to get HD clips via Wi-Fi. Standard definition clips automatically arrive via Bluetooth.

How to Buy One?

Snapchat Spectacles have hit Europe, allowing you to start streaming from your eyes to the disappearing messaging social network. But even though they’re now in the UK it’s still not easy to buy a pair.

There’s only one place you can buy them in the UK right now, and that’s directly underneath the London Eye attraction. Snapchat has installed a vending machine where you can go and buy the glasses for £129.99.

If you live in Europe but outside of the UK, you can find your nearest Spectacles vending machine on Snapchat’s website here.



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